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We Buy Cars helped me find a buyer for my car. Find a professional buyer that is specifically interested in purchasing your make and model of vehicle.

  • Any make, any age, any mileage
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Step 1 - Enter your car reg

Enter your car registration into the box above. We will then ask for your email address, postcode and the mileage of your car.

Step 2 - Find car buyers

We will match your details with car buyers who are interested in buying your make and model of car. All of our buyers are professionals from the auto trade.

Step 3 - Receive offers!

You can choose to contact buyers directly without sending them your contact details, or you can use the We Buy Cars website to automatically alert buyers to your car and your contact details.

Are you wondering "What is the easiest way to sell my car?"

We Buy Cars can help you solve the problem of who will buy my car. We can do this by showing you a list of professional buyers who are specifically interested in making an offer for your make and model of car.

We match up your details with car buyers from our nationwide network and then let you choose which buyers you want to send your details to.

We only need 4 pieces of information from you to get the ball rolling!
  • Your vehicle registration
  • Your email address
  • Your postcode
  • The mileage of your vehicle
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We can match you up with the perfect buyer.

We Buy Cars is different to most other websites that are stating We Buy Any Car. We will show you a list of buyers who are interested in your car. From that list you can then choose which of the buyers to alert. Or, you could just contact them directly yourself if you want. The process is very simple, very quick and best of all it is free.

Find a buyer for your car from anywhere in the UK!

We Buy Cars is a bit like a dating agency. Our aim is to solve the problem of who will buy my car by putting you in touch with the best buyer for your car. We have a network of buyers from all over the UK. Our buyers range from small independent businesses right up to large main manufacturer franchised dealerships so therefore we can honestly say We Buy Any Car.

The best buyer for your car could be in your local area or they could be somebody who is willing to travel in order to view and collect the right cars. We will only show you buyers that are specifically interested in your make and model of car. You can use the We Buy Cars website to automatically send your details to buyers that you would like to make contact with. Once your details have been sent the buyer will contact you by email or telephone (if you provided your number). You can alert as many buyers as you like.

No misleading on-screen valuations

Please not that we do not provide an on-screen valuation for your car on this website. This is because they are generally not accurate and any website that provides you with a valuation will probably try and change it once your car has been inspected. Our buyers will provide you with an individual valuation and offer for your car. This means that you can compare offers from different buyers.

How will We Buy Cars help sell my car?

Sell car for cash today, buy my car - If you are looking to sell your car, then We Buy Cars can help you sell your car online quickly and easily.

We Buy Any Car - We Buy Cars enables you to sell your car to specialist dealers from across the country. We are looking to buy all makes of car so, We Buy Cars is the perfect solution for those people who are thinking, "...I want to sell my car but I don't want all the hassle that traditionally goes with selling a car."

Sell My Car Today using We Buy Cars

We Buy cars is the ideal place to sell my car online. More and more people are selling a car online because it is quick and it is easy. We Buy Cars are a network of specialist buyers from all over the UK.

We Buy Cars is perfect for people looking to sell car quickly. Everybody knows that the most hassle free way of selling a car is visit your local car dealer and have them either make you a cash offer for your car, or do a part-exchange deal. The great thing about using We Buy Cars is that you don't even need to visit your local dealership. Just put your details into our website and dealers will contact you. Some dealers will even come to your house and collect you vehicle for no extra charge.

Have you noticed just how many websites there are these days for selling cars? Sell My Audi , sell my Mini, sell my Mercedes, in fact sell my anything, and I was wondering just what has brought on this sudden influx of car sites.

I mentioned this to a mate who is rather more of a technical chap than I am and he is into cars in a much bigger way – by that I mean he thinks nothing about buying a car one day and selling it again soon after. He doesn’t make money on these deals, far from it, but he just likes a change now and then.

Anyway, he explained that if I wanted to sell my Mercedes for instance, it makes sense these days to sell it to a professional dealer who specialises in buying Mercedes because he will have a client list waiting to buy it from him, and that being the case I would get a better price from him than from a dealer taking it in part exchange.

I thought that was daft enough to make sense because I know just how notoriously mean dealers are when it comes to offering you money on your part ex, so I asked, as he did so many deals, if he had tried this new method of selling cars and he replied that he had.

His very words were, “I wanted to sell my Mini a few months ago and went online to get a cash offer.” I thought that this statement wanted a pinch of salt, but on the other hand he is a mate and he wouldn’t spin me a line would he?

And that is when I found all these car websites you see, the ones which buy cars online and give you an immediate cash payment. It can’t be bad!

We Buy Cars works in Partnership with Carcom

The We Buy Cars website operates in partnership with Carcom Remarketing Limited, a company that specialises in buying used cars direct from the general public. Once you have submitted the details of your car to this website, then a member of Carcom's customer service team will be in contact via email or telephone to discuss your car in more detail.

We Buy Any Car that is for sale in the UK

This is something that you have probably heard a lot in your quest to sell you car. Car buying websites will all claim to buy any car that is for sale because We Buy Any Car is a very popular search term used on Google by people who are looking to sell a car. Therefore car buying website all want to compete for a high ranking on Google whenever somebody does a search on this phrase.

We Buy Cars is different for other websites. Dealers for all over the UK subscribe to our website and we match up buyers with sellers. Dealerships tell us the exact make and model of car that they are looking to buy and some of our buyers are interested in buying all types of cars.

So, you are thinking - "Who will buy my used car?"

We Buy Any Car but there are a few different ways that you can go about selling a used car.

  • Private sale through classified ad.
  • Sell to your local car dealership.
  • Advertise on the internet.
  • Submit you details to a 'Sell Your Car' website.
  • Use the 'We Buy Cars' website - it's completely different to other websites!

You have decided to sell your car but you don't want the hassle of a private sale. For some people this is a good option because it is the best option for getting the highest amount of money for your car. However, there are a lot of downsides to selling a car privately. Most notably, there is a high chance that you could get ripped-off buy the person buying your car.

All of our buyers are professionals from the auto trade!

Our website will match your details with professional buyers in the auto trade who have told us the exact make and model of vehicles that they are interested in buying. We simply match your vehicle details to the purchasing preferences of the buyers registered in our database. We have buyers from all over the UK who are registered car dealers ranging from small independent dealers to multi-national franchises and main dealerships.

If I use this website will I be inundated with people hassling me to buy my car?

We have designed this website so that the seller has control over what information gets sent to the buyers. A seller needs to provide us with their car registration, email address, postcode and car mileage in order for us for us to produce a list of interested buyers. None of your details will be sent to any sellers unless you instruct the website to alert the buyers via an automated email. If you want us to alert the buyers on your behalf then you can choose whether or not to include your telephone number. If you do not include your telephone number then buyers will only be able to contact you via email, which is obviously less intrusive.

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